My story "Silent Night" appeared in Then Again, the third edition of Division By Zero. I'm quite proud of this one, so please check it out!
I had two of my stories featured in Origins, (Division By Zero: 2). "Awake In The Dark" dealt with a character learning who and what he is, while "Extraordinary" told the story of a soldier coming to question certain things he thought he knew about himself.
"Shade", the story of a private investigator out of his league in a struggle to control powerful magical artifacts, appeared in Post Mortem (Division By Zero: 1).

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A feel-good tale about death. And heroes. Urban Fantasy, Novel

Alchemi Dei

God's fall. Men starve. Just not always at the same time. Dystopian Fantasy, Novel


Magic is broken. The One God, insane. Sometimes it takes a heathen. Epic Fantasy, Novel
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